Carot Seed OIL

Carrot seed oil is used to combat skin problems. The oil contains "carotene" which greatly contributes to the health of the human body, strengthens nails, nourishes the skin and strengthens the hair roots. It is also known to reduce the aging process and treats dry and damaged skin successfully. Mentally, carrot seed oil helps to reduce stress, tension and fatigue.

Geranium Oil

Geranium Oil contains many positive qualities and benefits for the skin and is indeed an essential component in cosmetic products. It is known to reduce the aging process of the skin. It significantly contributes to the removal of skin blemishes and heals wounds. In addition, it has a high disinfectant capability which helps to treat burns, skin infections, lice, ringworm, candidiasis (fungi), hepatitis, eczema, acne, hemorrhoids and nurtures the skin effectively.

Marigold Oil

The Marigold flower is known for its many benefits that contribute directly to skincare. It contributes to the renewal of skin tissue and helps to knit cracked skin and wounds. It has the ability to fight against infections and is an antiseptic which combats bacteria and fungi.

Wheat Gem Oil

Wheat germ oil contains large amounts of vitamin E which is known to nourish the skin. It restores dry and damaged skin and prevents stretch marks. It reduces the process of aging of the skin, improves the tone and texture of the skin and protects it from the sun.

Linseed seed Oil

Linseed seed oil is rich in omega-3 and other fatty acids beneficial to healthy skin. It nourishes the skin and protects it against free radicals.

Bitter Orange Oil

Bitter orange is mainly used as a component in cosmetics for it's pleasant and wonderful aroma.

Chamomile Extrakt

The Chamomile herb is one of the oldest and most commonly used medicinal herbs. It contains a substance called "Azulene" and therefore successfully combats inflammation. It is known to have antiseptic capabilities which effectively cure Urticaria (hives), childhood diseases, wounds and renews damaged cells. It also relieves muscle and joint pain. Chamomile has a calming effect on the mind and therefore helps in situations of stress and anxiety.

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea salt is known to many as contributing to the treatment of various skin diseases such as: psoriasis, acne, allergies, chaffing etc. It is also known to reduce the aging of the skin and wrinkles.

Sage Oil

Sage is one of the oldest medicinal plants and is known to have antibacterial properties. It is used for disinfecting and healing of wounds and skin allergies.

Saint John's Wort Extract

This plant has been known as an analgesic for thousands of years. It stops bleeding, heals wounds, has antibiotic properties and soothes sore and strained muscles. Only the flower and leaf are used as ingredients in ointments and medicines. It is one of the most effective plants for depression.

Yarrow Extract

Yarrow extract is known for it's ability to heal wounds. It is also used to treat irritations, allergies and other skin problems such as: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne etc. It is also known as an anti-inflammatory which disinfects the skin at a very high level.


Beeswax comes from the body cells of bees which they use for the construction of their hives. It is composed of carbohydrates, paraffin, fatty acids and alcohol. The primary function of Beeswax is that it enables oil and water to mix and thus maintains a high standard throughout the life of the product. It also contributes significantly to the softening and protection of the skin.

Green Tea Extract

Medicinal properties are full of surprises and science continues to investigate them. To date, it has scientifically been proven that Green Tea extract reduces body aches and contains powerful antioxidants. It is an anti-inflammatory, capable of rejuvenating the skin cells and contributes significantly to the renewal of damaged cells it is capable of relieving severe skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Honeysuckle Extract

The main function of honeysuckle in cosmetics is that it is used as a natural preservative. The extract prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria in cosmetics and extends the shelf life. It also protects the skin from free radicals, has antibacterial properties, helps heal wounds and burns, nourishes and softens the skin.

Jade Powder

Jade powder is a major contributor to delaying the aging process of the skin. It reduces wrinkles and helps the skin maintain a smooth and pleasant texture. According to an ancient Chinese belief, it has the ability to relax the mind and soul.

Japanese honeysuckle extract

The role of this extract is that it is used as a natural preservative. It prolongs the shelf life of the product by preventing the spread of bacteria and fungi. It protects the skin from free radicals, nourishes the skin and helps in healing wounds and burns.

Pomegrante Extract

One of the many known features of pomegranate extract is it's anti-aging capabilities. It reduces the signs of wrinkles, the signs of pigmentation and the aging process of the skin. It also contributes greatly to healing wounds and repairing damaged skin.

Aloe Vera Extract

The gel produced from the inside of the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Aloe Vera extract eases all types of burns and accelerates the regeneration process of damaged cells. In addition, this extract heals skin damage such as: all insect bites, irritations, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, general skin infections and fungal diseases. It is also used for general skin care.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is a combination of amino acids, minerals and vitamins which greatly contribute to the health of the body. It is one of the most important acids (gamma linolenic acid - GLA) which is considered rare in the plant world. This acid strengthens the immune system and has excellent health properties. It contains a very large number of unsaturated fatty acids which are essential to strengthen, nourish and revive skin cells. It is very effective for the treatment of brittle nails, eczema, acne and arthritis.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil contains a large amount of certain vitamins, minerals and acids which makes it a natural antioxidant and which contributes to a healthy body. It is known for it's ability to penetrate the skin. It prevents stretch marks (in pregnant women), prevents skin from becoming dry, reduces wrinkles, greatly contributes to the renewal of damaged skin, creates elasticity in the skin and helps the natural production of dermal collagen.

Cucumber seed Oil

Cucumber seed oil is a relatively new ingredient which is now used in the cosmetics industry. It is known for it's many benefits including the treatment and restoration of dry skin. It also relieves eczema, psoriasis and arthritis. It contributes to nourishing and moisturizing the skin and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks. It is effective in removing dead cells and reducing swelling.

Hoibiscus Extract

The Hibiscus plant is made up of many properties such as: Gossypetin (anti-bacterial material) anthocyanins, glycoside, glycolic acid, pectin and citric acid. In cosmetics, it is used mainly as an anti-bacterial capable of calming and relaxing the skin. It also helps to reduce pain from burns.

Matsutake mushroom extract

This extract is well known in the cosmetics industry as an anti-aging ingredient that contributes to the reduction of pigmentation. The extract improves the overall appearance of the skin, smoothing it and leaving a uniform shade on the skin.

Shea Butter Extract

Shea butter has been used for thousands of years in the cosmetics and grooming industries especially as it adds moisture to the skin. It also provides protection for the hair from dryness and free radicals. It is easily absorbed into the skin and nourishes it with vitamins and fatty acids and protects it from the sun. It is also a major contributor to the treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and dry and irritated skin.

White Mulberry Extract

This is a powerful extract with antioxidant properties. It nourishes the skin, reduces wrinkles, reduces the skin aging process and is a major contributor to the creation of a uniform tone by reducing the production of melanin. It also eases the discomfort of psoriasis and dry and irritated skin.

Myrrh Extract

Myrrh extract is used mainly as a disinfectant. It has antibacterial properties which are excellent for treating skin problems such as: chaffing, fungi, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis etc.

Propolis Extract

Propolis is a natural preservative and is well known for it's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The main purpose of using this extract in cosmetics is to extend the shelf life. It is also known to regenerate and rehabilitate skin tissue and contributes significantly to the treatment of allergies, burns, infections etc.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is used primarily in cosmetics for it's pleasant aroma.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil contains the most effective solution for many skin conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, herpes, dandruff, fungi, allergies, chaffing and other skin infections. It also has high disinfection capabilities.

Nettle Extract

Nettle extract contributes significantly to the relief of allergies and chaffing. It is known to reduce the aging process of the skin. It heals wounds and nourishes the skin.

Apricot Seed powder

Apricot Seed powder is used in cosmetics for gentle exfoliation of the skin. Because this seed can be ground into a fine powder, it is less aggressive yet it achieves an excellent result in cleaning the skin, the removal of dead cells and also contributes to a uniform shade of skin.

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is not known only for it's wonderful aroma but also for it's soothing capabilities. It is used extensively in the field of cosmetics. It has excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties suitable for sensitive skin. It improves skin elasticity and reduces stretch marks.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass is known for its therapeutic qualities. The oil is extracted from the leaves of this plant. It strengthens and relaxes the muscles. It has antiseptic capabilities and is known as an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. It improves the appearance of, and contributes to the flexibility of the skin.

Rose Oil

Rose oil is used primarily in cosmetics for it's wonderful aroma.

Hydrolyzed Quinoa

A unique combination of amino acids that improve penetration of the skin and hair. It also contributes significantly to the protection of the skin from free radicals, the renewal of damaged cells, soothes irritated skin while nourishing the skin with moisture. The use of this plant in hair products will give the hair a smoother, shiny and silky appearance while at the same time keeping in moisture and also protects it from free radicals.

Dead Sea Mud

The minerals from the mud from the Dead Sea contribute significantly to maintaining a healthy skin. It is known to relieve skin diseases such as: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, arthritis, dry and irritated skin etc. It nourishes the skin with moisture, absorbs toxins and gives it a smooth and pleasant texture. It also regenerates skin cells, giving it elasticity and reduces stretch marks and cellulite.

Manuka Oil

New Zealand tea treeLiving Nature - Manuka Oil - 100% Natural Leptospermum scoparium Products containing this ingredient v A hero ingredient in many of our skincare products, Manuka Oil is renowned for its potent antimicrobial and anti-acne properties. For centuries, New Zealand Maori have used the Manuka Oil from the native tea tree, Manuka, to treat everything from rheumatism and fevers to burns and skin disorders. Click here to see our 100% Pure Manuka Oil product listing. Used in skin care, the antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of remarkable Manuka oil combat skin irritation and infections, including acne-causing bacteria. Recently, scientists have confirmed what they've always known. Manuka Oil is up to 33 times stronger than tea tree essential oil for protecting against certain strains of bacteria. It's also effective against the MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staph. Aureus) bacteria, which is resistant to normal antibiotics. It truly is nature's miracle skin protector - we know, we use Manuka Oil too! Source / Harvest Extraction Manuka is a native shrub in New Zealand Essential manuka oil is produced by steam distillation Parts used The leaves, flowers and branches without any destruction to the mother plant Benefits Balancing of skin bacteria, protective Strong anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Up to 33 times stronger than Tea Tree essential oil in killing certain strains of bacteria Primary components Leptospermone, flavesone


Phormium Tenax Leaf Juice New Zealand Flax Gel Products containing this ingredient v Water is the essence of life. Every living thing needs it to survive, and so does your skin. Harakeke Flax Gel is nature's super skin hydrator, with a high quantity of natural skin nutrients and polysaccarides. Harakeke is renowned for the clear polysaccharide gel exudate produced on the surface of leaves at the base of plant. The mild astringency of this gel helps control oil overproduction which, coupled with a natural antimicrobial action, makes it an effective defence against breakouts. It naturally soothes, hydrates and cools, reducing puffiness and redness. The large grass-like leaves of Harakeke, which grow to more than 3 metres in length, were used extensively by Maori for clothing, thatching and matting. They also used Harakeke as a medicinal plant to treat boils, burns, as an antiseptic for cuts and internally for diarrhoea. In early European days in New Zealand, the strong leaf fibre of the Harakeke Flax was used to produce rope and linen. Independent in vitro tests* show Harakeke Gel to be more hydrating, moisturising and healing than aloe vera, which is why we use it extensively in our range as an alternative to petrochemically derived synthetic gels . It's perfect for our Firming Flax Serum and Hydrating Toning Gels. Help your skin maintain its moisture, just as nature intended. Source The gel is sourced from Te Araroa on New Zealand's East Cape Extraction The gel is physically removed from the base of the mature (grandfather) leaves, ensuring the sustainability of the mother plant Parts used The gel from the base of the leaf, and the seeds for soap making Benefits Antiseptic Soothing, cooling and calming Healing Humectant - helping to maintain skin hydration Primary components D-xylose, D-glucuronic acid

Halloysite Clay

Kaolin Products containing this ingredient v Halloysite Clay is renowned as one of the world's finest, whitest and purest clays. Sourced from New Zealand's pristine Matauri Bay, this unique Halloysite Clay was formed through subtropical weathering of ancient volcanic domes produced some two to nine million years ago. Its fine particle structure and freedom from mineral contaminants common in other clay deposits gives Hallo Clay a remarkable ability to absorb toxins and impurities from the surface of your skin. It is especially beneficial for acne-prone skin and for clearing pores of excess oil that may lead to the formation of blackheads. The poultice activity of the Clay gently absorbs pollutants and exfoliates the skin, drawing dead cells away from the surface to leave the skin fresh and accessible to nutrients. It's a gift of purity and refinement from the earth itself. Source / Harvesting The clay is dug from the ground in an open mine in Matauri Bay in Northland, New Zealand The area is re-vegetated after removal Extraction Water is used to purify the Clay by removing silica sand Parts used The pure white clay Benefits Gently absorbs pollutants and exfoliates the skin Helps to refine the pores of the skin Primary components Pure white clay minerals

Totara Extract

Nature's super antioxidant, Totarol is 3 times stronger than Vitamin E, and a potent force to neutralise free radicals linked to skin ageing. Totarol is a compound from the heartwood of the Totara tree, and makes the wood extremely resistant to decay due to its antimicrobial and potent anti-oxidant activity. The compound is extracted from recycled Totara using supercritical solvent-free extraction, so no trees are felled for its harvesting. The Totara tree is a giant of the New Zealand forest. It's a member of the ancient Gondwanaland group of plants collectively known as Podocarps, which evolved during the Jurassic age some 135-195 million years ago. The resistance of the Totara wood to decay meant it was used extensively by New Zealand's early European settlers for the wharf pilings and fence posts that now provide the raw material for Totarol extraction. Totaral is utilised in Living Nature products such as Rich Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream to protect against oxidative stress and free radicals which break down skin cells, and for its powerful antimicrobial properties. Source / Harvest Sourced only from high quality recycled Totara wood and bark No live trees are felled to produce Totarol Extraction Critically extracted from old recycled bark and wood Parts used Bark and wood Benefits Antimicrobial Potent anti-oxidant activity - helping to destroy free radicals, which contribute to the ageing process 3 times strong than Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant Very effective against acne-causing bacteria Primary components Totarol


Native to New Zealand, Kumerahou is quite simply the world's most natural soap. Rubbing the leaves and flowers of the kumerahou shrub together creates a natural lather to gently and effectively cleanse without breaking the skin's moisture barrier. Products containing this ingredient v The plant's high saponin content provides strong antimicrobial action, and also soothes and locks in moisture. The presence of saponins in plant tissue is recognised as an important defence mechanism against microbial attack assaponins exhibit strong antimicrobial activity. Saponins are known to have beneficial properties on the skin and are active against the fungi associated with dandruff. In pioneering days, Kumerahou was called 'gum diggers' soap' as the gum diggers would mix the flowers with water to clean the sticky gum off their hands. In traditional Maori medicine Kumerahou was used as a blood purifier and remedy for bronchial and kidney complaints. We use Kumerahou throughout the Living Nature range, as an alternative to harsh surfactants such as SLS that strip the skin of its protective oils. This cleansing plant is so gentle and effective it seems magical. But it's not magic; it's nature. Source Kumerahou is native to New Zealand and grow in the temperate Northland climate Extraction Flowers and leaves are hand picked. A fresh tincture (brew) is prepared for each product production batch Parts Used The leaves and the flowers Benefits Gentle cleansing and anti-microbial Contains natural foaming agents Primary components Saponins